New Generation Learning Suite

Save time for teachers. Empower managers.

Make learning intuitive, personalised for learners.

Large OER Library

i4l brings valuable, usable worldwide Open Educational Resources (OER) to teachers who desperately need it, in any language, in a way that is easy to share, edit and reuse.

AI Powered

A personal assistant to both teachers and learners, AI makes alignment of content to individual learning preferences and national curriculum frameworks feasible and fast.

Drag & Drop Builder

Forget endless hours of copying and editing. Lesson planning with i4l DRAG & DROP is now much easier and fun. You can still pick and edit resources the way you want.

Analytics Dashboard

i4l monitors teacher time spend on lesson planning for performance management, and optimise resource allocation to improve student learning experience and outcomes.

Integrations & Collaboration

Sharing, note and chat enable constructive feedback and connectivity. Also, i4l's strong integration capability with external apps deliver more flexibility and richer content.

Adaptive Learning Playlist

i4l creates and automatically distributes personalised experiences under the form of adaptive playlists, designed by AI, based on the individuals' learning preferences.

Mobile & smart

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Meet Our Team

50 years combined of experience in education sector

Nhu Do

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Philip de Ath

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Tuan Truong

Every text, image, icon, column or button can be edited or replaced simply by selecting it and applying the customisation options our platform provides. 

Thanh Vu

Every text, image, icon, column or button can be edited or replaced simply by selecting it and applying the customisation options our platform provides. 

i4l is going to revolutionise learning, just as Spotify has done for music.

On average, OECD teachers spent 4-7 hours per week on lesson planning. The number of teachers worldwide in 2014 was 71.74 million, with each of them having 40 working weeks every year, the number of hours spent on lesson planning globally is huge. In the meantime, the world continues to produce content. Open Educational Resources (OER) has become increasingly popular. All of that only make the selection of high quality materials that are aligned to standards, more challenging. Furthermore, language barriers, differences in national curriculum frameworks, poor promotion, and the fact that OER is most of the time not designed or stored for easy sharing, editing and reuse, make these resources not always usable. i4l brings valuable, usable worldwide OER to teachers who desperately need it, by providing them with an AI powered learning suite, so they can drag and drop learning activities to create lesson plans, to deliver to students in an adaptive playlist for personalised learning.

Affordable Pricing 

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Drag and drop

Unlimited resources

Unlimited lesson plans Unlimited integrations

1 teacher

50 students

1 learning space

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Everything in free tier


Up to 150 students

Up to 3 learning spaces

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Everything in free tier


Up to 25 teachers

Up to 500 students

Up to 20 learning spaces

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Everything in free tier


50 teachers

1000 students

Up to 50 learning space

Dedicated Support

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