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Workforce Readiness Challenge

The Case of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia with a rapidly expanding middle class. However, as the country moves further towards more skill intensive non manual jobs, Vietnam faces a new challenge: it is not delivering enough skilled essential for economic growth. Employers constantly look for high quality workforce, but there is a gap in technical, and cognitive skills to meet economic demand. If Vietnam cannot upgrade education and training, it is at risk of falling behind the rest of the world.


The systemic problem points at outdated Vietnamese education, rife with rote and unskilled teachers, resulting in students’ passive learning style and lack of soft skills, such as empathy, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership, critical to success in the workplace and life. 

The problem is further exacerbated by parents’ decisions to act individually, not as a community; 4 billion USD per year is spent sending their children abroad to escape the Vietnamese education system. Many children go and never come back, further deepening Vietnam’s lack of skilled labour. To face this challenge, Vietnam needs a solution that will help reform Vietnam’s education system and build an education ecosystem with stakeholders interconnected.  


If you are here, you are already solving this problem. Welcome to our world! Either you are a newbie or have been in education for a while, you are here for a reason, to look for a solution to solve the dilemma that you are facing. Click the button below to find out how.

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A team of impact makers 

Educe creates global growth by nurturing well rounded leaders, risk takers, empathetic team players, problem solvers, and critical thinkers. Impact makers and international professionals in education, Educe creates a synergistic and transformative ecosystem where schools, students, parents, teachers, and third party educational institutions come together to create powerful social change.

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Educe brings solutions to governments, schools and educational organisations.


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This service is offered to anyone who wishes to start a preschool, but does not have expertise in education and/or business management, needing advice to start this venture safely.


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If you are unsure about the vision or management of your own preschool, and want to follow a model that has a consistent track record, our franchise package is just what you need.


School Optimisation

Optimise your ROI with innovative solutions

ROI optimisation means leverage 24/7, increasing staff and resource performance, managing cost, enhancing your business model, we give you solutions for growth.


School Digitalisation

Lead the digital world

The world is increasingly digital. We help education providers with digital and cloud based solutions and systems that allow them to be ahead of the game, leaders in their field. 

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Instead of wandering in the dark, spending years learning from errors, contact us for safer options and pathways

Passive Income Stream 

Up front payments, recurring income, high customer lifetime value are all well known advantages of the investment in the education sector, making it the top priority of many investment funds.

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We have a complete Standard of Operations to standardise school's policies, procedures and processes up to the highest requirements of the industry. You have nothing to worry about.

High Social Impact 

Investing in education is not just a financial investment. You are investing in the future of generations and nations, actively pushing society forward.

How you are valued

“Thank you for helping my son to get used to going to school. All of our family is so happy with the great care you take of Minh. I am very pleased with my good choice of Koolkid for Minh.”

Le Thuc Uyen

Vu Minh's mother 

“Our family really loves Koolkid! The teachers love and care for the children there. The school shows genuine concern for the children’s well being. Our son loves going to Koolkid." 

Christina Martino Reed

James Reed's mother

“Chi Bong and I myself are fond of Koolkid’s curriculum. I also love Koolkid’s approach to children, which is totally different from the previous preschools where Chi Bong had been studying."

Bui Thu Hang

Thuy Chi's mother