Invest wisely, create impact

Looking to open a school and do not know where to start? We will share a market overview with you, for you to see the potentials and where your future business should be.

Our Vision

We develop latent potential in people

We chose the word ‘educe’ because we develop latent potential in millions of young people through expanding their horizons, opening their minds to explore wider perspectives, cultivating skills needed for a fast changing world, and enabling them to become confident global citizens. Educe contributes to the growth of nations by nurturing empathetic leaders, risk takers, team players, problem solvers, and critical thinkers.   

What we offer

A golden opportunity to invest in your future

If you want to invest your money in a business for a passive income stream and an early retirement, investing in education has been proven to be the safest and most sustainable option. Each person who contacts us is unique, just like our children, so we do not have “a one size fits all” model. We create a tailored package that best fits your needs and vision.

Who we are

A team of impact makers

Educe creates global growth by nurturing well rounded leaders, risk takers, empathetic team players, problem solvers, and critical thinkers. Impact makers and international professionals in education, Educe creates a synergistic and transformative ecosystem where schools, students, parents, teachers, and third party educational institutions come together to create powerful social change.


Tell us what you want to do

Depending on whether you want to build your own empire, or you wish the safety of a proven business model, whether you are interested in working with children at preschool age specifically, or you prefer to diversify into primary and beyond, we have you covered. 

Start Your Own Preschool

This service is offered to business owners who wish to start a preschool, but who do not have expertise and knowledge in education and/or business management, and who need some advice to start your venture safely. 

Open A Koolkid Preschool

If you are unsure about the vision or management of your own preschool, and want to follow a model that has a consistent track record of success and creating powerful social change, then our franchise package is just what you need.  

Open A Premier School

Premier School is a high end PreK12 boarding school concept with a state of the art design for infrastructure, Learning 4.1 for academic performance and a full suite of technology for operations. 

Why choose us

Instead of wandering in the dark, spending years learning from errors, contact us for safer options and pathways

Long Term Passive Income

Up front payments, recurring income, high customer lifetime value are all well known advantages of the investment in the education sector, making it the top priority of many investment funds.

Ease of Operations

We have a complete Standard of Operations to standardise school's policies, procedures and processes up to the highest requirements of the industry. You have nothing to worry about.

High Social Impact

Investing in education is not just a financial investment. You are investing in the future of generations and nations, actively pushing society forward.



"That was a big decision and we were scared at first, but now we know it was the right step. Thank you, Educe!"

Huong Nguyen

"The team was passionate, inspiring and very knowledgeable. I could set up my school in no time!"

Nam Hoang

"Their system works like a charm. I used to be a tech guy and am still surprised of what they could do to scale up our school with tech!"

Russell Bridges

Ready to take off?

Everyday waiting is a day of waste. While you are reluctant, thousands of business owners out there already made their decisions and took their first steps toward developing their business. Don't leave yourself behind.